Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015: Year in Review

It's always fun for me to look back at what the past year has held, especially since they seem to fly by so quickly. Here are some of our highlights (or lowlights) for 2015:


We rang in the New Year at home! We like to celebrate "east coast" New Year so we can be in bed early, haha!!

Owen turned ONE on Jan. 2! I can't believe he's almost TWO now! Here he is on his birthday - such a sweet boy!

We had new hardwood floors put in our house which was more of a project than we expected (seems to always be the case!) especially because I was on a work trip while it happened so Grant was alone with the kids in a torn up house.

While the floors were being done I was in Orlando for work and wished I lived there. I've been to Orlando numerous times but ONLY for work. I need to go for fun next time!! I love me the warmth, especially in January.

We watched a lot of football and the Seahawks won the NFC Championship - YES!! That meant they were headed to the Superbowl .................. (and lost - BOOO!)

I also traveled to Austin for work for the first time in January. I hadn't been before so it was a fun city to see even if I was mostly tied up with work.

Unfortunately when I was in Austin my sweet Papa died ... he was the first of my four grandparents to pass away, so I'm very lucky I've been able to have my grandparents around so long, but it was definitely a hard close to January for our family.


We celebrated Valentine's Day by ACTUALLY going out to dinner just the two of us (my parents and grandma had a romantic date at our house watching the kids).

And Lila did her first "school" valentines - princesses of course!

I also posted my "most viewed blog post" ever, the Copycat Jimmy John's Tuna Recipe. Despite this post having terrible and not very appetizing images, apparently this is something people keep looking up!


In March I went to Chicago for work and was thrilled that I packed SUPER light - as in a tiny soft carryon bag, and only ONE PAIR OF SHOES which I had on my feet. And then it snowed - lol!!! I was OK, thankfully the one pair of shoes I brought was boots, but still. Oops!

I missed these crazy kids - look how tiny Owen looks with his little teeth!!

We made corned beef for St. Paddy's Day ...

And we said goodbye to winter - thank goodness!!


In April we celebrated Easter ... (Owen looks so little!)

And went on our annual getaway to Palm Springs (speaking of warm places I'd like to move!!) ... we had such a great time!


In May we celebrated a lovely Mother's Day (my fourth!) ...

And Lila turned FOUR! We celebrated with everything "Elsa" - like this cake I made, haha!!


June was a busy month for us ... I celebrated one year blogging by posting some of my favorites. I also started a new job! I also tried to become a morning person and have been pretty successful, although I will say it's WAY easier in the summer when it's BRIGHT out at 5 a.m., rather than now when it's so dark and cold.

By June, Summer was in FULL swing in the Seattle area - we seriously had the nicest summer weather this year, which meant "heat waves" (aka, over 80 haha), splash pads, backyard kiddie pools, etc.

We also celebrated Father's Day, and Grant's birthday which always fall on the same weekend. Lila made Grant a sweet gift at school ...

But unfortunately he spent his birthday with strep throat! Gross! Thank goodness nobody else got it, but all he could handle swallowing was a blizzard from Dairy Queen, poor guy.


In July I went to Orlando again for work ... check out my humidity hair!

We also spent almost every summer night outdoors, either eating outside or enjoying our little backyard fire pit.

We also experimented a ton with fun cocktails. These were a favorite - watermelon mojitos!

And making our own popsicles!! Yum!


Our fabulous summer weather was still in full swing, which meant Lila and Papa decided to try camping in the yard. Read the story here if you don't remember ... let's just say she didn't last long, hah!

We celebrated Seafair as we always do in August ...

And Grant and I celebrated SEVEN years of marriage with a day date in the city! Spy the Space Needle?

There was also a SUPER bizarre wind storm this August that knocked our power out for a couple days. So weird in the summer!!


In September we took our annual trip to Lake Chelan! It was a glorious week of sunshine, warm weather, wine tasting, boating on the lake and overall fun. Can't wait to go back next year!!

Grant also celebrated his 10 year anniversary at work and they hosted a fun party at Safeco Field! We got to run around the bases, go in the dugout, etc. Really cool experience for a baseball fan!

And at the end of the month, Lila had her first day of "pre-K!" She was thrilled and loves school and her teacher. Love that she dressed herself in her Seahawks outfit rather than the first day outfit we'd laid out for her!

And speaking of, the Seahawks season was in full swing, which meant we had plans every Sunday.


By October, I was mourning our amazing summer weather ... because this became a weekly occurrence.

I also celebrated my birthday! I posted about my "highlights" from the year prior.

Owen took his first faceplant ...

Lila went to her first "friends only" party! Princess themed of course.

And we of course celebrated Halloween!


We celebrated an amazing week away for Thanksgiving on Camano Island (about an hour from where we live). It was so nice I definitely would love to do this again. Thankfully the weather here that weekend was SO PERFECT! Cold but so sunny and beautiful. We saw many sunrises and sunsets, took hot tubs on the porch, celebrated with family and even caught fresh crab. Pure bliss!


And December has truly FLOWN by. We had such a great Christmas this year and enjoyed so much family time.

This year has truly flown by. I feel like I was JUST posting all of this! In 2016, I'm hoping for more vacations, less stress, and more fun before Lila starts KINDERGARTEN in the fall - wahhhh!!!!

Happy New Year!

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