Thursday, April 28, 2016

Vacation Mode

We're heading out on vacation soon and I'm soooooo excited for WARMTH, SUNSHINE, POOLS, COCKTAILS, and really, not having to work for 10 glorious days.

Here's what I'm most looking forward to ...

+ Sleeping in. Which is around 7 a.m. at our house, but I'll take it!!

+ Lazy mornings with coffee on the warm, sunny patio.

+ Breakfast picked straight off the grapefruit tree.

+ Wild kids running free in the huge grass lawn where we're staying, where I can still watch them while enjoying my giant coffee from the patio.

+ Pool time!!!

+ Naptime - which means a little reading by the pool with a cocktail.

+ Day trips!! We have a few fun little activities planned ... and we'll be cruising in style in our rented mini van, haha!

+ Playing TENNIS! I'm actually bringing tennis shoes on this trip ...

+ Reading some new books - speaking of ... any suggestions!?!?

+ HAPPY HOUR! We love making fresh cocktails using the fruit tree fruit. Grapefruit, lime, lemon and orange drinks abound!!!

+ Fabulous Dinners. I am obsessed with "menu planning" for holidays, weekends and vacations, and love to come up with what we'll have for dinner every night. Even though it's nothing fancy, it's fun to plan a little more than the average weeknight special.

+ Early bedtimes! Sunshine and busy days mean tired kids, which means early bedtime and Mama/Papa dinnertime alone after the kids go to bed. Since my parents aren't coming with us this year, this is as close to babysitting as we'll get!

+ RELAXXXAATIONNNNNNNN! It's not the most relaxing to vacation with two toddlers, but until we can go on an adults only vacation it'll DO for SURE!


Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Monday

Happy Monday!! After all of my weather bragging, this was the scene here this weekend. Wah wah, typical Seattle right? 

Oh well! 

Despite, I had a great time on Saturday celebrating my mom's birthday. We went shopping, lunched, shopped some more and then met up with the whole fam for dinner. I picked up these most adorable cupcakes at Trophy in U Village. Aren't they too cute??

Sunday was pourrrring all day so we had breakfast out, did some weeding and house stuff and I started packing (aka making piles) for our upcoming trip! 

I also finally finished reading "The Luckiest Girl Alive" by Jessica Knoll. I think I'm officially the last person on earth to read this one, but if you haven't read it yet it's definitely a page turner! It's a little dark - ala "Girl on the Train" or "Gone Girl" but I liked it and it was a quick read. 

Hope you had a great weekend!


Friday, April 22, 2016


Happy Friday!!! I'm so excited for this weekend because it's my mom's birthday, so we're going on a little mama/daughter shopping expedition and to lunch, before meeting up with the whole fam for dinner! 

Here's a quick recap of highlights from the week ...

+ It was SUMMER here this week - seriously. The local news had a hilarious graphic up that on Tuesday it was hotter here than Miami, Honolulu, etc. So crazy! I just love it. 

I mean ... THIS says it all, am I right??

Prep yourself for Summer with this handy beach beauty guide -

+ Grant surprised me with pretty tulips "just because" - so sweet! 

+ I worked from home two days this week and had no problem setting up my "mobile workstation" outdoors! So nice to get some fresh air while working away. 

+ I'm planning my friends' bridal shower and since she lives in NY but the shower is going to be in Seattle, we're doing a "honeymoon themed" shower (she registered at with a little Hawaiian theme. I found these cute invites on Etsy ... 

GOLD PINEAPPLE ALOHA tropical flower bridal shower invitation luau Hawaiian baby shower birthday honeymoon destination wedding

 ... and this fun "tropical" party in a box to match ... I'm having fun with the planning so far! 

Pineapple Party in a Box Pineapple Bridal Shower Tropical Bridal Shower Tropical Bachelorette Pineapple Party Bride to Be Luau Shower Bride

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!! 


Thursday, April 21, 2016

A little life lately ...

We're having a great week around here with our summer temps, meaning lots of time outdoors and not as much on the computer blogging! I'm also counting down the days to our annual Palm Springs vacation ... I can't wait for 10 days of no work, the hot desert sun, happy hours on the patio, fresh citrus, time in the pool, and so on. 
Not really a huge coffee drinker but I absolutely loooooooooove Starbucks ❤️:

Here's some of what's been going on with us lately ...

+ Plenty of time outdoors after school/work. The kids love eating dinner outside too. I can't believe it's been warm enough for that lately, but - reality check - it'll be 55 and rainy by this weekend. Boo hoo. 

+ Grant's been working on making a little birdhouse with the kids. They collected some little sticks from the woods and now are constructing it together. 

+ Sunshine = plenty of popsicles and ice cream! YUM! 

+ Out comes the summer wardrobe. You can't see it well in this pic, but this is one of my new Lilly Pulitzer t-shirt dresses. It's SO comfy and nice enough to wear to work! 

+ We've continued to grill up a storm - steaks with my new fav side dish ... balsamic bell peppers and avocado slides topped with cilantro. So delish!! 

+ Lila's taken up an interest in "photography" and has perfected her selfie pose ... 

... And then wants to take pics of me doing the same thing ... so attractive. 

+ Bonus of having kids wake you up early on Saturday morning means you're on a warm sunshiney walk before 9 a.m. ... so pretty out!! Owen's been loving his "go Seahawks!" hat (as he calls it) too. Did I mention spring workouts have started!? When's football season!? 

Hope you're having a great week!!


Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend Fun

Happy Monday! We had a busy weekend but "summer" has continued in Seattle and it's supposed to be 80 (YESSSSSSS 80!!!!!!!!!!!!!) today and tomorrow (which yes, is a tropical heat wave for these parts!) Unfortunately poor Grant spent most of the weekend working on my car which is having all sorts of problems ... but there were some good parts too. 

Like ... birthday dinners out, complete with Chinese food! 

Sunshine on the Lake Washington. No better view!!!!!

White jeans weather!! I finally whipped out my white jeans for the amazing weather we've been having. Also loving my new Vince Camuto booties! Seriously the most comfortable shoe ever. 

Continuing our "eat healthy" trend with my new favorite dinner. Grilled chicken, balsamic charred bell peppers, spanish cauliflower "rice" - all topped with pico, cilantro and avocado. SO GOOD! 

And my second favorite dinner of late, pesto "zoodles" with wilted spinach, artichoke hearts, grilled chicken and roasted cherry tomatoes, topped with feta. 

Grant and I also  managed to get a date night and went to a Seattle Sounders soccer game! I've only been to one other game, but it was fun! I have to say, being at the stadium mostly made me excited for football season ... (YES, Seahawks spring practice start TODAY), but a little soccer was fun to watch too.


Hope you have a great week!


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mini herb garden

When we first moved into our house we went all out with a full veggie garden. It was a TON of work but really fun and when we got to go out and pick home grown veggies from our yard it was pretty rewarding. Then after a bad weather summer where we didn't get much "return" in the form of homegrown goods, we sort of abandoned the idea. We also realized we were spending more than it would cost to buy weekly from the farmer's market. So, we stuck with raspberries, which grow like weeds, and last year we added a couple of blueberry plants.

This year Grant decided to make a little outdoor herb garden. We already have a big rosemary and thyme bush, but we eat a ton of cilantro, basil and other herbs so we build this cute little one that Grant attached to our fence. (We have a friendly neighborhood of rabbits that would eat these instantly, so having them up high is perfect). 

Grant even hooked in our little drip watering system so we don't have to remember to water them. 

I love using Italian parsley especially in the summer! And with all the caprese salads I make, basil is a must as well.

View from above. 

Again, this project was about $100, so we could have bought herbs over the next few months for the same price, but it was fun to try for something different.

Do you have a garden? I love having fresh tomatoes so maybe I'll do a single little pot with a tomato plant to get my fix :)


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Two for Tuesday

We have a busy event at work today, but I'm checking in this morning with a little "two for Tuesday" - sharing two (well really three) lovely little jewelry pieces I picked up during last week's ShopBop sale!

First - I've been wanting a bracelet watch for awhile now and really wanted this Tory Burch one, however it didn't count for the sale and at $400, that's not really an everyday purchase. I really liked this white La Mer one though, so snapped it up for 25% off! 

Second, I picked up two new little pairs of earrings. I've really been wanting some ear climbers that were simple and dainty and  with just a hint of shimmer these fit the bill. I also LOVE these little moon and star earrings and have a matching star necklace. They are really nice quality too and I see myself wearing them a lot. It looks like they are sold out now, but there are lots of other fun options from this brand that I'd also love. 

Dainty little ear climbers, so fun. 

Hope you're having a great day!


Monday, April 11, 2016

Gorgeous Weekend

Ahhh ... what a lovely weekend we had. I feel like a broken record about our weather but it's been SO nice and summery it's truly been a shock. Typically this time of year it's pouring, grey and cold (and um ... that may be the forecast for the week so boo hoo). Instead, it was sunshiney and 70s!! 

Saturday Lila and I had a special "girl's day" with my BFF who was in town from NYC. She's having her wedding here in August so booked her venue without seeing it first (very brave!). So Saturday her mom, bridesmaids and Lila (who's the flower girl), went for mani/pedis, lunch and a tour of the venue. This was Lila's FIRST mani/pedi, and oh boy, girlfriend was an old pro. The place we went does a hot stone massage on your legs during the pedicure and I had to laugh at this sweet little four year old getting her arms massaged by one person while the other was doing a stone massage on her legs #spoiledmuch? 

Anyway, it was adorable and she was THRILLED with the purple glitter polish she chose for her fingers and a bright reddish orange for her toes! 

And I got a very light/whitish lavender color for mine ... 

Thankfully the venue was gorgeous and had a lush beautiful gardens. All of their lilacs were in bloom and smelled SO amazing. 

And they had pretty rustic tables and chairs for outdoor dinners. All in all, our trip was a success! 

After the girls' day we met up with Grant and Owen for an afternoon/evening on Lake Washington on our friends' boat! It was AMAZING. If you've never been to Seattle, Lake Washington is pretty big but is also gorgeous and has so many amazing houses to look at along the lake. 

Ahhh, look at all that sunshine! A sundress in April!? Yes please!

The kids had so much fun too sitting up on the bow. 

And check out Mt. Raininer - it was much more visible in person, but still so beautiful!!! 

After, we came home tired from such a long day that it was time for PJs and some warm tea.

Hoping we have many more weekends like this in the future!!


Friday, April 8, 2016

Happy Friday!!

It's been SUCH a nice week here and yesterday and today have been so sunny and warm it's been amazing! This weekend my BFF is coming into town and we're touring her wedding venue and getting nails done! I'm bringing Lila too for her first little pedicure and she's THRILLED. 

Here are my other favorites from the week ...

+ Amazon. This is seriously what our front porch looks like on a daily basis. What did I do before Amazon prime?! So easy to buy and return I feel like we're a revolving door of packages. 

+Grilling weather! We've been grilling up a storm as usual and I've been LOVING grilled peppers mixed with avocados. I had them as a side for steak the other day ... 

And on top of a fajita salad with grilled chicken. So delicious! 

+ Summer Clothes. My spring and summer clothes are officially "out" from the depths of my closet. Do you ever wear cover-ups as tops? I've been loving wearing this bright kimono style cover-up over a white tank for a breezy outfit. (Bonus points if you can spot Owen's little foot!) 

+ Spring Jackets. I also was in dire need of a springy jacket - I have jean jackets and winter jackets but nothing for those in-between days. I got this BB Dakota jacket  from *surprise* Amazon, but it was also recently on the ShopBop sale. I've been loving it. 

+ Pretty Blooms. Our tulips are finally blooming and the kids haven't picked them yet (haha). I will probably cut some to bring inside soon but they look so pretty in the yard! 

+ Working Al Fresco. I work from home usually two days a week and it's been so nice that I've been setting up a little work station outside. It's so nice to work in the fresh air! 

+ Firsts. We got Owen his first Seahawks cap for Easter and I think it makes him look so grown up! He loves wearing it too! Such a fun "first" for a little boy :) 

+ This sweet girl. Lila's almost FIVE and just more of a big kid than ever!! It's shocking to me some of the stuff she comes up with. She's so chatty and seriously my little BFF. 

Hope you have a great weekend!!


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