Monday, May 30, 2016

Birthday fun

It's been a very busy few weeks here, so much so that I didn't get around to blogging at all last week! Main reason for the craziness?? Our sweet Lila turned FIVE and I feel like a crazy amount of "birthday" ensued. And as if that wasn't enough, we are having her friends birthday party and another family party this coming weekend! Whew! I swear, one party max next year!

This year her birthday was on a Monday, which meant a cupcake party at preschool!  I did this little side by side below of her on her birthday, and her the day she was born. Time sure flies (cue the weeping) ... 

That night she got to choose what she wanted for her birthday dinner and she chose her favorite - Mexican food! 

Later we had a joint family party with my side of the family for her and our nephew! More cupcakes and presents - hooray!

Owen naturally thought it was his birthday too and kept telling everyone he was turning 6! 

This weekend was so rainy and gross here until Memorial Day!!! It was gorgeous so we hit the beach!!

Selfie in the sunshine! I was really trying to get a pic of my "half" top knot ;) 

The kids were thrilled the Popsicle stand was officially open for the season! "Creepy Barbie" for Lila and Batman for Owen! 

Then after naps it was off to see friends for a classic backyard BBQ. I love summery salads like this spinach, strawberry and goat cheese salad. Mmm!

And the kids were in pure heaven because our friends have the Frozen keep! Solid evening of entertainment right there!!

Here's to a short work week!!


Friday, May 20, 2016

Happy Friday

Woohoo, another weekend is here and we have lots of celebrations on the horizon because sweet Lila's birthday is next week! I can't believe she's turning FIVE! My baby! Ahh! 

Here's what we've been up to this week ...

+ Lila cruising along on her scooter after dinner. Notice the Frozen theme still going strong? Frozen helmet (complete with tiara?) - check! Frozen T-shirt? Check! Frozen scooter? Check!

+ Owen's becoming a little biker dude too. He inherited Lila's push (no pedal) bike that she never really was into, and he's been loving it! I think he mainly likes cruising around the neighborhood to talk to people though (#mrsocial).

+ I've been loving being able to wear all my summery dresses and sandals, like this black and white patterns on patterns! These sandals are Michael Kors and so comfy! And add some serious height, which I definitely need. 

+ Speaking of summery dresses, this one below is from Anthropologie and I LOVE it. It does not look cute online, but I love it in person. The material is odd, sort of a cotton-y suede if that makes sense? I'm not sure, but it has pockets and is nice enough to wear to work. Check it out! 

+ Our little herb garden is growing like crazy and we've gotten a ton of cilantro to use this week! So delicious!! 

+ My La Croix obsession continues ... I've been loving this passionfruit "essence" - so good! 

+ Lila, my mom and I met up with some friends to see the "Cat in the Hat" play at the Seattle Children's Theater. So cute!!

Hope you all have a nice weekend!!!


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Selfie Sesh

Good morning!! It's another busy week here. One of the kids' new favorites after work/school is to sit out in the grass, have a popsicle and wait for Papa to come home. We play "the car game" which my Grandmother actually made up when I was a kid, but it's where you guess the color of the next car to drive by (haha). The kids love it! Owen likes to guess weird colors and actually has been right a few times!

They also love to do selfies. Lila's been liking to take pics of herself lately too!

Here's our latest selfie sesh!




"Mama, I pretend I have long hair like YOU!" 

This was supposed to be kiss face, so not sure what Owen's doing! 

Ahh, to entertain toddlers. The fun never ends!


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Palm Springs vacation: part 2!

Ahh, back to vacation posting. I always wish I take more vacation time so I can have a few days off once I get home. Remind me next time!!

Anyway, here I am on the patio as I was every morning with a giant cup of coffee and the warm morning sun on my face. It's never that warm in the mornings here or I might have to adopt this ritual at home! So peaceful! 

More pool time with Owen, the sweet boy! 

And of course selfies in the pool with our little fishy Lila. We have an underwater digital camera but we don't seem to ever use our digital cameras anymore. Thankfully my phone survived without being dropped in the pool. 

My FAVORITE summer salad, caprese with tomato, mozz, fresh basil, light olive oil and a bit of balsamic glaze. So delicious!! 

And more naptime cocktails, this fresh grapefruit "greyhound" for me and "salty dog" for Grant (which is a greyhound but using gin instead of vodka, and a salted rim). 

This I like to call "The Berenstain Bears and too much vacation." Poor Owen was so each day after a long day at the pool. 

Lila had endless energy though - cheeese! 

Last Friday we went to Joshua Tree National Park, which is about an hour drive from Palm Springs. It's SO COOL. 

It's all very desert like but a mix of the cool Joshua Trees, which look right out of a Dr. Seuss book, along with huge boulder rocks and cactus. You drive through the park and there's several little stops to view various sites as well as do mini hikes. Here we are in front of the cactus garden.

Cheese! This scenery also reminded me of parts of Breaking Bad where they drove way out into the desert for drug deals. Yikes. Haha.

This is a Joshua Tree! Looks like part cactus, part tree. 

And these are some of the boulders. Very cool to climb and hike around, although rattle snakes love hiding in the crevices. Thankfully we didn't see any!!  

We returned home in time for another happy hour (I swear we don't drink a lot ... normally). This time, Bloody Mary's!

Selfie at dusk! Love how warm it stays late there. 

And yet another morning coffee photo ... 

Last Saturday we went to the Living Desert, which is part zoo, part botanical garden, and also has a random outdoor model train set. Coincidentally, we went on "Train Day" which was RIGHT up Owen's alley. We barely saw anything else during our visit because he didn't want to leave the "choo choo" area. 

They even had little train rides - so happy! 

And the kids could paint little train magnets. 

After we hit a little street festival for some takeout for lunch and they had these amazing huge lawn chairs. 

Mmmm, my FAVORITE Mexican food dish - chilaquiles!!!!!!!!!!!! These were so amazing. 

Followed by another happy hour - with fresh orange grapefruit cocktails!! 

And a kissy pic, courtesy of Lila!!! (She loves taking pics now!) 

On Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day brunch on the patio with french toast, bacon, fresh squeezed OJ and fruit - I'm so spoiled!!!

So good! 

And I feel like my life as a mom can be summed up perfectly in the pajama top I was wearing ... 

Then it was our last day at the pool!! We had such a great day and I'm so thankful to be "Mama" to these sweet kids. 

Although Grant has to be my "biggest kid" for sure especially with all his crazy antics in the pool ... another pic by Lila!!! 

And alas, back to the airport. At least it's outside complete with a kids' playground to make the waiting go by quickly!!!! 


The pilot let the kids sit in his seat before we left!! I was a little nervous because I think Owen pushed every button within reach, but thankfully our flight landed safely! 

We had such a great time and so many laughs and memories!!!! Now I need to book our next trip so we have something to look forward to!!!


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