Thursday, June 30, 2016


Most people hate food pics on social media but I looooove them!! I am a big recipe researcher too though so I love to see what other people are cooking. Here's what we've been having lately ...

Blueberries!! Our berry crops are in full swing, and this year we have strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. So delicious!! Our blueberry plants aren't producing very much yet but the ones they have are quite tasty. 

Summer BBQ! We try to have "date dinners" on Saturday nights if we're at home, which means we eat after the kids go to bed. This weekend, we got fresh broccoli at the Farmer's Market, which we roasted in olive oil and sea salt, and Grant grilled up some amazing ribs. Then we paired with a side salad that had greens, balsamic dressing, feta, red onion and raspberries from our yard. So good! 

Zoodles! Zoodles continue to be a huge hit with me and I love using my little $7 spiralizer. So easy, so delicious and so much healthier and nutritious than a giant plate of pasta. This version was a Pesto Caprese Zoodle dish I sort of made up. Here's the recipe: 4 small zucchinis spiralized into "noodles," a cup of roasted cherry tomatoes (to roast, I cut in half, toss in olive oil and sea salt and cook at 425 for 15 mins), 1/4 cup pesto, 1/2 cup of fresh mozzarella cheese diced into bite sized pieces, and chopped fresh basil. In a large skillet, add "zoodles" and pesto and sautee on medium until zoodles begin to soften, about 3-5 minutes. Add roasted tomatoes. Turn off heat and add mozz (so it just barely melts), and top with chopped basil and some grated parm. We also topped with sliced grilled chicken. 

Grilled prawns with peppers and spanish "rice." By now you can tell I'm obsessed with using cauliflower as "rice." I buy it pre "riced" in bags at Trader Joe's (although Target also has it) and it's so delicious and less carbo heavy than real rice. For this recipe, I sauteed a TBL of garlic in a little olive oil, then added a 16 oz bag of riced cauliflower and a cup of red enchilada sauce and a 1/4 cup of chopped cilantro. I sauteed for 5 minutes or so. While that was cooking, I sauteed some sliced bell peppers until charred and then mixed into the "rice" and cooked for another 5 or so minutes. When the rice/pepper mixture was done, I topped with shrimp we'd pre-grilled, salsa, a 1/4 sliced avocado, extra cilantro and a little sour cream. So good! 


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Grant's Birthday

So Grant's birthday was already a week ago, but we went out to a nice dinner (sans kids!) and got to try a great new restaurant, Salt & Iron in Edmonds

My parents live about 5 mins from the restaurant, so we dropped the kids off and headed out. Wooo! Cocktails to start ...

They provide homemade chips with a dipping sauce on the table when you sit down. We all know how much I love not only chips, but "free apps!" #winning.

We tried two appetizers ... first, beef tartar, which was so delicious and served with crusty grilled bread. I sort of have to get over the mental aspect of eating raw meat, but it was so good - light and fresh! 

Then we had a bowl of steamed mussels, again served with delicious crusty bread. I was considering getting this app as my entree, which also would have been perfect. I love mussels! 

Instead, I got a dungeness crab salad as my entree. The crab was delicious!!

Grant got lamb with asparagus, polenta and balsamic figs - SO good! 

And of course, I splurged and got a cappuccino after dinner. So delicious. 

Meanwhile, my parents had taken the kids to fish & chips, and the restaurant has a giant sandbox on the beach! So fun! We caught up with them after to take the kids home in time for bedtime. 

It was a beautiful night on the water. 

My parents gave Grant a couple of gifts. We all joked about this one, which was a shirt, but my mom had put it in this old Tahiti travel bag, so we all kept joking that it was a trip to Tahiti! I wish ... 

They also gave him bistro lights to hang in our yard. He put them up this weekend and they look so cute! Love these for summer nights on the patio. 


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pineapple salsa

This is my new favorite appetizer and it totally helps that it's super cute too! I made this for the tropical bridal shower I had for my friend and then made it again last weekend for a potluck BBQ.

Pineapple Salsa
1 whole pineapple
1/4 cup red onion, finely chopped
1 small serrano pepper, finely chopped (seeds removed)
1/2 cup cilantro, chopped 
Juice of 1 lime
Dash of salt (I'm still obsessed with the pink sea salt from Costco!!)

To make the pineapple "bowl," lay the pineapple down on a cutting board and cut about 1/3 off, leaving the stem attached to the "bowl" - then cut around the outer edge and scoop out the pineapple fruit (I used a spoon to loosen and scoop and it came out pretty easily). Pour out any remaining juice so the "bowl" is empty. Then dice pineapple you removed into very small finely chopped squares. Mix with all other ingredients and serve in the pineapple "bowl." Delish! I served with tortilla chips, but this would also be excellent in fish tacos, or as a topping for grilled chicken or steak! 


Monday, June 27, 2016

The plague strikes again ...

When Lila first started preschool (aka daycare) we were all sick CONSTANTLY throughout the first year, but since then it hasn't been too bad. Until this past week. Poor Owen came down with croup on Monday night, which if you aren't familiar with is a super scary cough that also comes with trouble breathing. It sounds awful!!. Ugh. My poor sweet boy was MISERABLE all week and basically didn't sleep all night due to this horrible coughing and trouble breathing. 

(My only familiarity with croup is from the Anne of Green gables movie, when the kid she's babysitting comes down with it - lol!).

Anyway, after two trips to the pediatrician, a steroid treatment to help the cough, and a second trip and antibiotics to treat a sinus infection that followed, we're SORT OF on the mend. 

We had to cancel a weekend roadtrip to visit some friends, but a car show this weekend complete with vintage fire trucks and hats got a smile on his face! 

Here we are at the Greenwood Car Show! Lots of cool vintage cars. 

We mostly hung at home though, and Grant put his camping hammock up in the yard which the kids loved! 


And then Saturday night, Lila came down with a fever (nooooo!). Thankfully it doesn't seem to be the same croup Owen had and her fever was gone in the morning. 

She wasn't quite 100%, but nothing a trip to the beach and a Barbie pop couldn't fix!! 

Sunday was such a beautiful day here and we're in for another gorgeous sunny week!! I spent naptime catching up on my magazines outdoors. 


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weekend fun

Ahh, another weekend come and gone! We had a great weekend but busy again with a goodbye party for a friend moving across the country, a super rainy/thunderstorm Saturday mostly spent inside, and a lovely Father's Day picnic at the beach on Sunday!

Friday afternoon I got my haircut for the first time in six months and it felt so good ... It was a tad ratty to say the least!! 

(PS, I'm the last person on earth to get snapchat - I don't know what I'm doing and only have one friend so please add me! littlekkg) 

Friday night we got together with friends for a BBQ for our friend who is moving to the east coast for a new job. It's rare our whole "group" of college friends can get together anymore so it was fun to see everyone! 

Saturday was pouring, cold and super thunder stormy, so we got Owen's haircut and then went to story hour at the local Barnes and Noble. 

Thankfully by Sunday it was beautiful and sunny, perfect for a Father's Day picnic at our favorite Seattle beach, Golden Gardens.

I totally want a sailboat! So cool... 

We brought the picnic food and my parents brought the drinks! Lila was thrilled when my dad made her a Shirley Temple!! Then she ate practically his entire jar of cherries ...

My mom and I both showed up in our nautical striped best!

While bartender dad made the adults Bloody Mary's! 


Hope you all had a great weekend!! 


Monday, June 13, 2016

Life lately

Life continues to be a whirlwind of activities and this weekend was no exception!! Thankfully it was at least sunny!! 

This weekend I hosted a bridal shower for my dear friend who now lives in NYC, but was my first friend in Seattle when I moved to the city after college. She was in my wedding, and even nannied Lila for a brief stint when I went back to work., so to say she's a big part of our family is an understatement. 

Since she couldn't lug gifts home we did a Hawaiian honeymoon theme and she registered on Honeyfund! It was fun to do tropical drinks and pineapple decor ...

Unfortunately, as you all know I buy everyyyything on Amazon and for the first time ever my Amazon shipment got lost!!! Which contained all my cute Hawaiian decorations ... So I had to race around town last minute and it wasn't quite what I wanted but I don't think anyone really knew the difference ...  

And totally not Hawaiian but pink champagne macaroons are appropriate for any occasion!!!

And afterward Grant made me a stiff strawberry daiquiri using berries from our yard. So good after a long day! 

Sunday Lila had a preschool friend party at a frozen yogurt place! Her choice? Brownie and lime frozen yogurt mixed with sour gummies and peach chewy rings ... And sprinkles. Grossss!! She was thrilled though and ate the whole bowl! 

And Owen got to have a boys day with Papa and work on the birdhouse they've been building. 

This week is Grant's birthday so the celebrations continue!!!


Friday, June 10, 2016


Happy Friday!! I'm sooo tired as I write this, ready for bed and for another week to close! It's been so busy lately, with Lila's birthday, Pre-K graduation, WORK, and this weekend I'm hosting a bridal shower!! 

On top of that, next week is Grant's birthday, then Father's day, so lots of celebrations on the horizons. 

Here's what we've been up to lately ...

Our sweet girl graduated PRE-K!!! They had the most adorable ceremony complete with little caps. I bought Lila some flowers and a little "grad" balloon - so sweet. All the kids also got to say what they wanted to be when they grow up. Lila said "ballerina." Another little boy said "a banana!" #goodluckdude. 

Displaying RRG_3578_Lila.jpg
Displaying RRG_3578_Lila.jpg

Our strawberry and raspberry crops are in full swing and it's so fun to go pick and eat them right off the vines!! It's something the kids have been looking forward to each night after dinner. We have yet to have anything of substance make it from the bowl into the house though, but that's OK! 

The weather has been mostly gorgeous and sunny! We've been eating outside a lot and being silly of course. 

Such as ... this picture. 

Our hydrangeas are also in full bloom and are so pretty!! They were the perfect backdrop for Lila's Frozen party (given the nice ice blue color) and I've already had several bouquets around the house. So pretty! 

Did I mention the weather? We are lucky enough to have friends with boats and they invited us out last weekend - check out Mt. Rainier! Being on Lake Washington in the summer is my happy place. 

We all even jumped in ... the water hasn't quite warmed up yet for the summer, but it felt really refreshing on a hot day!!! 

Hope you all had a great week!


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Lila's "Frozen" 5th Birthday (on a 90 degree day!)

This weekend we had a magical Frozen birthday with Lila's preschool friends to celebrate her 5th birthday (which yes, was now nearly two weeks ago! This has been the birthday that never ends!). Ironically, it was SO HOT here this weekend, so even though we had snowflakes and ice decor in the yard, it was blazing hot. Here's Lila showing how old she is, wearing her Elsa dress of course! 

Waiting for the kids to come over was the hardest part! 

We ordered her cake from a local grocery store bakery and it turned out so cute! 

I  had little crowns waiting for each girl to decorate with foam stickers and jewels when they arrived. 

While the girls were decorating their crowns, the surprise visitors arrived - ELSA AND ANNA! The girls' reaction was priceless - they were SHRIEKING with glee and mobbing Anna and Elsa with hugs. 

Of course, they wanted Elsa to freeze everything ... 

Anna and Elsa signed a few autographs ... 

Then read a fun interactive story. The girls were so into it! 

The book had tons of questions for the kids which they loved! 

Then they each got a turn to take pics ... so sweet! 

Then it was time for cake. It was so breezy that the candles wouldn't stay lit, but when Elsa and Anna are singing to you with all your little friends, that's not a concern!! 

After some much needed cake, it was Pinata time!! I'd never seen a pinata like this, but instead of beating it with a bat it had 10 little strings coming out of it, and one of them "released" the candy. The girls had fun taking turns pulling the strings until it burst, which happened on string 7 or so. 

Displaying 0605161257d.jpg


Then it was time for presents, which naturally I didn't get many pics of ... but what I did get a pic of was the refreshing and much needed Arnold Palmer cocktail (with vodka!) that I had after all the kids went home! 

Lila had such a magical day!!!

Happy birthday, Lila! 


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