Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A weekend on the farm

This weekend we packed up early on Saturday morning and headed across the mountains to visit our friends in Eastern Washington. They moved a year ago to work on her family farm, which has pear and cherry orchards. Grant and I have been there before but it was the first time for the kids and they were so excited

First stop once you roll into town HAS to be the drive-in where they have the most enormous burgers ever. Holy huge!! 

And of course, what's a burger without curly fries!! (Not pictured, our second burger + chocolate milk shake + onion rings. Let's just say I'll be eating salads all week). 

My sweet little travel buddy!! 

Once we arrived on the farm we wasted no time touring around the orchards. It's HOT in Eastern Washington, so we found lots of shade under the pear trees. Lila was so excited by this GIANT dandelion too! 

Yakima is also known as a great wine tasting region, so that afternoon we stopped by a great winery that specializes in sparkling wines! They had a beautiful grounds too ... after a tasting we got a few sparkling wine cocktails which were so good!!

So refreshing! Mine was a pineapple/tropical type cocktail with sparkling riesling ... yum!

Then we came home for a little happy hour and good conversation. I love a good appetizer plate! 

Then it was time for bed! Our friends had a hilarious Nicholas Cage pillow on their guest bed. Sweet dreams for sure!!!! 

Pretty pears ready for harvest soon! Our friends' pears are all sold to be canned, which is pretty cool! I never really thought about seeing where canned fruit comes from but there you go! 

Owen loved picking them right off the tree, and there were even a bunch low enough for him to pick. 

And of course there were lots of tractor rides too. Farmer Lila!

And then we went to the Yakima Farmer's Market before heading out of town ... SO much great produce on the Eastern side of the state. Funny how one state can have such different climates! Seattle is mild and rainy and Eastern Washington is dry and sunny and has four distinct seasons. 

We had such a great time!! Hope to be back again soon!



  1. What a lovely little trip! And you always have the best cocktails!!

  2. What a weekend well spent!! Look at your sweet faces, that burger a farmers market, , that cocktail with Riesling! So much fun and yumminess!!

  3. That burger is HUGE! Totally has me craving one with curly fries...and a tropical sparkling wine cocktail. ;) Or maybe an appetizer plate because those are my favorites too!

  4. What a fabulous weekend. Those burgers are HUGE and curly fries are my weakness!


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