Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wide Open Spaces!

This weekend I dragged Grant to see the Dixie Chicks on their DCX tour!!! This is their first tour in 10 years (hence the tour name), and I was so excited. The show was amazing - I'd forgotten how much I loved their music! Grant was probably one of only five or so guys in attendance (haha), but he was a trooper and we had a great time. 

We'd bought lawn seats, imagining that a concert in July outdoors would be so fun to sit in the grass and relax ...

Here we are waiting for the show to begin!!

ANNNNND, despite the sunshine when we got there, in true Seattle fashion, it started raining. Ugh!!! It was POURING for almost the entire show. Thankfully, we planned ahead and had rain coats. 

Nevertheless, we had a great time. If you follow my Instagram (@kkgisme), you can hear a few videos of my favorite songs, but they put on such a great show!! They even did a twangy bluegrass instrumental version of "Single Ladies" by Beyonce - lol!!! 

And in true form, they had a few "political" messages ... guessing nobody's surprised they are anti-Donald.

All in all, super fun!

As for the rest of the weekend, the kids managed to swindle me into an ice cream date - mmm!!! 

And of course, the sunshine came out Sunday afternoon so we hit the zoo to see the new butterfly exhibit. And naturally had to sit on the tractor, too. 

Hope you all had a great weekend!!



  1. I LOVE the Dixie chicks..despite the rain you both look darling and what fun!!! And cutest lil ice cream eaters EVAH!!!!

  2. What a bummer that it started raining at the concert! Glad y'all still had a great time though!

  3. Happy Monday ! Cutest little photo of your kids on the tractor !

  4. Sounds like a fabulous weekend!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  5. Bummer about the rain! I am always worried about that with outdoor concerts!

  6. Ugh that sucks it' started raining during the concert but I'm glad you guys were prepared for it and still had a good time! Yay for Sunday zoo time! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. Weren't they anti bush too? Isn't that what sparked the whole "not ready to make nice" song (which I actually really love)

    I've never seen the Dixie Chicks in concert but they would be a band I'd want to see.

    No one needs to swindle me into an ice cream date haha I love ice cream!

    liz @ j for joiner

  8. I love the Dixie Chicks too! Sadly I am not getting to the tour but so glad you enjoyed it even with the rain!

  9. What a bummer that it started raining on you - so glad it was still a great show, though!

  10. Love love love outdoor concerts, lawn seats are so much fun! But boo to the rain, glad you guys were prepared! And I wish the Dixie Chicks would stop spewing their political agenda, and just play great music! I'm not a fan of the Donald either, but if I'm at a concert I just want to relax and enjoy the show :-P
    Green Fashionista

  11. what an awesome weekend!! Boo for the rain but yay for everything else.


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