Thursday, July 21, 2016

Work trip!

My busiest work months are June and July, prepping for a big conference, which is why I've been MIA of late, but it wrapped last week and I actually even got to have a little fun too! 

Here we are leaving rainy/gloomy Seattle ...

... For warm and sunny Florida!! Seriously southern girls, I don't know how you do your hair. Mine was a sweaty/limp/frizzy mess after 10 minutes. Holy humidity! (This pic it still looks ok, I should have done an "after" pic).

Elevator selfie before spending many long hours in a convention center. 

Thankfully after spending the daylight hours in a dark conference room, I was able to hit the pool in time for happy hour! Which of course, made me very happy.

As did the tropical drinks. This was a pineapple caipirinha - Sooo delicious!

Lounging felt amazing after a long day ...

Elevator selfie round two - 5:30 am edition. East coast mornings are rough when your body thinks it's 2 am!! 

The pros? We had some great Cuban food on this trip and pitchers of mojitos were also abundant. 

And of course - paella!! So good.

I also hit Disney Springs one night, which was paccckkked, but a trip to the Ghiradelli shop for ice cream was so worth it. 

And on the last day I had about three hours to spare before my flight so I finally hit the pool. Ahhh!!! Amazing. 

With my new desert-inspired Havianas of course! 

And a little rum punch ... 


All in all, a great trip and now thankfully it's the start of a "summer lull" at work so I can catch up and enjoy the summer.


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  1. Your swimsuit is super cute! So glad you were able to enjoy some time relaxing on your trip. Looks so pretty, although I am with you on the hair - mine would be a hot mess!


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